ATS Travel

Beyond travel

ATS is a leading Travel Management Company, offering comprehensive travel solutions to corporate and individual travelers for more than 40 years. ATS provides seamless Corporate Travel Solutions and support in the areas of Ticketing, Leisure & Luxury Travel, Meetings & Events, Educational Travel and others

Business Travel

ATS’s comprehensive corporate products are great cost management solutions! Our Corporate Travel Management team works with our global network of ATS offices and corporate affiliates to design one-of-a-kind yet cost effective custom itineraries for our clients.

Meetings & Events

ATS Meetings & Events (M&E) 360-degree approach delivers fully customizable and cost effective solutions for our clients. Our teams of dedicated M&E specialist leverage the full technological and purchasing power of the entire ATS platform to extend full cost control, creative-options and peace of mind to our clients.

Leisure Travel

ATS blends comfort with authenticity to provide a full spectrum of leisure and holiday travel products. Each can be tailored to meet your needs. Our leisure consultants provide unbiased advice on high-quality accommodation at great savings.

Specialised Product

Our superior, all-in-one travel solutions save you time, money and worry. By continually expanding our product line, embracing new technology and extending our reach we remain uniquely qualified to meet your personal and professional travel needs.

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